Water Boy Farms
The Cultivation Story of Water Boy Farm

The farm supplies our restaurants with organic vegetables, flowers, honey and cage free chickens. The purpose is to support the philosophy that we can do better in our country producing sustainable food. Designed seasonally and guided by Chef Andrea Shackelford, Sous Chef Carlos Suarez and Rick Wells. The farm is worked by a collaborative effort of our restaurants employees.

Our farm is located in Lucas, Texas on the property of Rick and Robbin Wells, the co-owners of the restaurants.

Why the name? Rick’s father was a state championship football and basketball coach, and while growing up Rick noticed that his father paid as much care and concern for the water boy as he did the star quarterback. Rick learned early on to treat others as you would like to be treated, and more importantly, that our thoughts words and deeds come back to us with astounding accuracy.

There is seldom a time when someone is hired at our restaurants that we do not ask one another, “does this person have the servant’s trait?” We want to get that feeling before we ask someone to join our team. We can train and develop skills in our restaurants; a serving heart can’t be taught.

The Water Boy embodies teamwork and service. As humans on this planet, we need to be a water boy to our environment. As business people in the restaurant industry we need to focus local and support small farms and ranches that grow things right.

Thank you for your interest in the food movement.